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13421: Submitting routine compliance reports (air)
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Submitting routine compliance reports

As of 4th quarter, 2023, all routine reports and stack test submittals must be emailed. Hard copy submittals will no longer be accepted by agency staff. Email signed and scanned PDF copies to

Include the submission date and a brief description as part of the routine report document title:

  • Example: 1.28.23 DRF1, DRF2, CR-04
  • Example: 1.28.23, Pt 60 MM Compliance Report
  • Example: 1.28.23, DRF-1, EQUI1 NOx RATA

Email message body should include:

  • Name of regulated party
  • Name of facility contact
  • Agency Interest ID number (if known)
  • Permit number
  • List of reports submitted
  • County where facility is located

Recordkeeping, submittal, and reporting forms

Capped emission permit

Part 70 general permit

NESHAP forms


Halogenated solvent cleaners

Chrome electroplating



New source performance standards

Waste combustor certificates