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The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program helps Minnesota businesses comply with environmental rules, reduce wastes and emissions, and reduce regulatory obligations. Our focus is on small businesses that are independently owned and operated, have fewer than 100 employees, and are not major sources of waste or emissions.

Call our Helpline: 800-657-3938 or 651-282-6143 or email us at

Our services include:

  • Site visits on request
  • Online tools and printed materials available
  • Ideas to help your business go beyond compliance

Business-specific information is kept confidential from enforcement except in cases of imminent danger to human health and the environment.

Grants and loans

The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program periodically offers grant and loan funding to help small businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and other organizations for a range of business activities. See MPCA's Grants and loans page to apply for currently available funding.

12866: Small business environmental improvement loans
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Small business environmental improvement loans

The MPCA provides loans at zero-percent interest to small businesses for capital equipment purchases that help the company meet or exceed environmental regulations, and costs associated with the investigation and cleanup of contaminated sites.

How do I ...

Q:  File a complaint?
A:  Submit an anonymous complaint any time using the online complaint form. Click ‘log in as guest.’ If you prefer to talk to a person, call the MPCA during business hours at 651-296-6300 or 1-800-657-3864.

Q:  Find out which environmentally regulated businesses or contaminated properties are in my community?
A:  Use the What’s in My Neighborhood page to search for information and locations of MPCA-regulated businesses and contaminated properties.

Q:  Request lists of businesses in Minnesota for research or marketing?
A:  Requests for lists can be submitted from the information requests page. What’s in My Neighborhood can also be a good source of this sort of information.

Q: Make an administrative change to my permit?
Find out how to notify the MPCA of changes in facility name, ownership, contact person, and location, or to terminate your permit: Administrative change request forms

Small Business Ombudsman: your advocate

The Small Business Ombudsman is an independent entity that reviews environmental regulatory activities to ensure that they are fair, reasonable and appropriate for small businesses in Minnesota. The ombudsman works with the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program to provide technical and educational assistance, and helps small businesses find financial resources to help protect the environment.

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