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In most of Minnesota’s livestock-dense counties, feedlot oversight is a cooperative effort between the MPCA and county government. A county feedlot officer (CFO) performs registration, permitting, inspections, assistance, and complaint follow-up for most facilities with fewer than 1,000 animal units, on behalf of the MPCA.

The Minnesota Association of County Feedlot Officers (MACFO) represents the counties that work with the MPCA to administer Minnesota's feedlot rule.

Access online systems

CFOs use state online systems via a secure portal. New CFOs must request access to the systems (Horizon and TEMPO) using this form.

For assistance with Horizon password resets, contact the MN.IT Help Desk at 651-297-1111.

Registration and permitting


Submit feedlot registrations using the online service, even if you gather information using with a paper form. Do not register sites that meet the large concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) thresholds or those with NPDES or SDS permits.

The recommended browsers for accessing the online registration are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari. Internet Explorer is not recommended.

Online registration

Learn more on the Feedlot registration page.

Construction and interim permits

The MPCA issues construction short form or interim permits to sites that meet large CAFO thresholds. CFOs can issue these permits to other sites. Learn more on the Feedlot construction and interim permits page.

Review and approve a manure management plan (MMP) prior to any permitting action. Learn more on the Land application of manure page.

The permit application must include plans and specifications for new liquid manure storage areas. Footings are required under all columns in below-barn liquid manure storage areas (i.e., swine barn pits). The total thickness must be at least 8 inches (5 inch floor plus 3 inch footing). Learn more on the Construction, operation, and technical requirements page.

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Compliance and enforcement

Compliance inspections

The Minnesota Annualized Feedlot Runoff Model (MinnFARM) is a tool to assist with determining compliance of open feedlot runoff at small farms.


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Spills, emergencies, and complaints

Call the Minnesota Duty Officer at 800-422-0798 or 651-649-5451 (available 24 hours) in the event of any spills or releases of hazardous substances.

Carcass disposal


Submit complaints to the MPCA online (preferred) or by phone at 651-296-6300 or 800-657-3864

The MPCA requests that CFOs investigate complaints about facilities/activities in their county.

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Additional resources

Online data and mapping

Rules and statutes