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The MPCA helps Minnesota communities reduce what they throw away, reuse and recycle materials, and deal responsibly with solid waste. From preventing wasted food to investment in innovative business practices, the MPCA supports local efforts through research, permitting, planning, financial support, and technical assistance.

Our approach

MPCA prioritizes waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and organics recycling above garbage burning or disposal in landfills, which preclude further use of the materials.

We align our work with the Minnesota Waste Management Act, which governs solid waste and materials management activities in the state. Our focus is on:

  • reducing the amount and toxicity of waste generated.
  • reusing materials to avoid more extraction and manufacturing of virgin material.
  • recycling and recovering materials and energy from waste.
  • lessening dependence on waste disposal.
  • coordinating solid waste management among government entities.
  • developing waste facilities in an orderly and deliberate way.

Minnesota's waste management hierarchy

Hierarchy of waste management from most preferred to least preferred in this order: reduce, reuse, recycle, organics recycling, waste to energy, landfill with gas recovery, landfill.