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Healthy land and soil is essential for thriving Minnesota communities. It drives economic development and opportunity, improves our health, and contributes to clean water for drinking and recreation. The MPCA helps clean up land contaminated with pollutants and advances responsible management of waste and materials.

Investigating land contamination

The MPCA studies, monitors, and regulates many pollutants that can pose threats to human health and the environment. Some contaminated sites pose little risk because the level of contamination or chance of exposure is low. At other sites, the risks are greater because the contaminants present can persist in or move through the environment.

Clean up and redevelopment

The MPCA identifies, investigates, and determines appropriate cleanup plans for sites where hazardous substances have been or could be released. Spilled chemicals, petroleum, and other substances can contaminate soils, make the land unusable, and seep into groundwater that may be a source of drinking water. Groundwater contaminated with certain types of chemicals can also produce vapors that can affect nearby homes and businesses.

Waste planning

Taking care of our land requires a comprehensive plan to responsibly manage our waste. Our approach prioritizes waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and organics recycling above garbage burning or disposal in landfills, which preclude further use of the materials.

Learn about how we regulate waste through waste permitting.