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Individual permit holders must use MPCA's e-Services to apply for reissuance and administrative amendments. Paper reissuance applications will only be accepted if there is an approvable request for confidentiality. Email to request the paper application forms. Part 70 permit holders must request facility-specific information for reissuance by emailing with the subject line “Request for Reissuance Materials.” Include the facility permit number, permit expiration date, and the name, phone, and email of the facility contact.

At this time online services are not available for registration, capped, or general permit holders.

See the help and guidance documents for each e-Service function, which detail the information you’ll need to have available.

For all other permit types and actions, use the applicable forms. Submit two copies of a paper application, or a PDF on a USB drive that includes emission calculations as an editable spreadsheet. You must submit a paper copy of any signed form and a check for required fees. Mail materials to MPCA Fiscal Services at the St. Paul office.

Signatory access

The first step in e-Services after signing up for an account: Legally responsible officials (including co-permittees) or other delegated staff must request air signatory access for their facility. On the My Workspace page in e-Services, choose “Add Facilities” under the My Facilities section. You'll be directed to print, complete, and mail in the registration form:

Your online request will be listed as pending in My Workspace until the MPCA has processed the form and sent an email confirming access. Note: Air signatories that are already established for another air e-Services doesn't need to register again.

Sharing access or a service

If your consultant will be using e-Services for air modeling work, they can set up an account and request access to the facility using access type "Air General User." When the signatory is notified by email of the request, they can grant access by clicking on the "manage security" icon on the My Workspace page, under My Facilities.

Air signatories and any co-permittees must sign and submit air modeling protocols. Consultants can share the service with the signatory in the My Workspace page, under My Services-In Progress, using the air signatories e-Services user IDs. Learn more:

You can share any service with other e-Services account holders using the same process, and they'll be notified by email. You accept a shared service on the My Workspace page in the My Service-In Progress section. Only one user can access a service at a time. After you access a shared service, click Check In in the Share column to make the service available to the other users.

Application tips

Item numbers in applications: You may not re-number items already listed in a permit or emission inventory. For questions about designation numbers for new equipment at an existing facility, email and include the facility name and ID number. Note whether you have submitted an application and whether the application involves removing, replacing, or adding equipment.

Extension of deadline: You can submit an air administrative amendment to extend your deadline up to 120 days in e-Services. Before you begin, prepare the two mandatory attachments:

  • Description of change and why you need the deadline extension
  • Copy of permit page with deadline

Change of ownership, facility name: Submit an air administrative amendment via e-Services to change the ownership, facility name, or the name of an operator or owner. Choose the applicable option on the Administrative changes page. For a change in ownership, you'll need to provide the date of transfer and attach the transfer agreement.