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Privacy rights

Several federal and state laws protect your privacy rights regarding the information the MPCA has about you. At times, an MPCA staff member may ask you to provide information about yourself that is considered not public. In these situations, you will first be notified:

  • Why the agency is collecting the information and how it plans to use it
  • If you are required by law to provide the information, and any known consequences for not providing it
  • Who is authorized to see the information you provide

You have the right to:

  • Know the MPCA has information about you
  • Know how the information is classified by Minnesota law: public, private, or confidential
    • Anyone can see public information
    • Only you and those authorized by law can see private information
    • Only those authorized by law can see confidential information
  • Consent to the release of all, part, or none of the private information the agency has on you. You may also revoke this consent. If you are under the age of 18, you may request that the MPCA to withhold the information it has on you.
  • Obtain copies of any public or private information the agency has about you. (You may have to pay for the copies.)
  • View public and private information the MPCA has collected on you at no charge, and be told what it means. After you see the information, the MPCA is not required to show it to you again for six months, unless there is a pending disagreement or action related to your data-subject rights, or the MPCA creates or collects more information on you.
  • Question the information about you that the MPCA has collected. Describe the disagreement in writing when you notify the agency. The MPCA will either correct the information and notify recipients of the information about the correction, or notify you that the information is correct. Your statement of disagreement will be included when the MPCA shares the information. You can appeal the agency's decision with the Minnesota Department of Administration. If your challenge is successful, the MPCA will correct or destroy the information.

The MPCA will respond within 10 business days of the date of your request. To exercise any of your rights as a data subject, contact the MPCA commissioner.