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What's in My Neighborhood provides a wide variety of environmental information about your community. Search for:

  • properties that were previously contaminated and those being investigated for contamination
  • facilities with air, water, and other environmental permits and registrations, and those that have applied
  • facilities the MPCA has penalized for environmental violations
  • projects under environmental review
  • emergency management activities
  • pollution prevention projects

Map searchText search

Search via map or text using:

  • location
  • name of business or project/site
  • type of permit
  • permit or project ID
  • city, county, watershed or zip code
  • street address
  • owner

NOTE: Businesses or locations found in What's in My Neighborhood do not necessarily pose a risk to the community or environment. The data includes formerly contaminated sites, business with MPCA permits who are operating within appropriate limits, and other projects that aren't considered harmful.

Data vendors and consultants

MPCA data sets are available on the Minnesota Geospatial Commons website.