Training for household hazardous waste programs

In the spring, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency offers training for household hazardous waste program staff.

Training requirements

The county program is responsible for maintaining a written training program encompassing these requirements.

Continuing education

  • Must complete a session of the safety and health refresher and Haz Cat trainings every year
  • DOT training every three years

New staff

  • Must complete OSHA and DOT initial trainings and the Haz Cat training

PDF icon Household Hazardous Waste Compliance in a Day training schedule (p-tr2-40)

Training covers

Safety & health initial training

Covers safety plans, emergency procedures, hazards, protective equipment, minimizing risk, spill response, decontamination, and medical monitoring. Will meet the mandatory requirement for staff prior to working with HHW. During this session, you can get your respirator fit-tested. Be sure to let us know during registration and to bring your respirator with you.

  • half-face respirator with filter cartridge (N, R, or P 95 or 100); and
  • full-face respirator with filter cartridge (N, R, or P 100).

Safety & health refresher

A review of the initial safety training plus a critique of incidents that have occurred in the past year and other relevant topics. This course will meet the mandatory requirement for those that already received the Initial Safety Training and are due for an annual refresher.

Hazard categorization training

Covers proper identification and categorization for lab packing and bulking. Includes contractor protocols, hands-on exercises, and manuals. Will meet the mandatory requirement for new staff who are required to presort, bulk, or lab pack HW.

Department of Transportation and HazMat security training

Covers the relationship of U.S. DOT hazardous materials transportation regulations to U.S. EPA HW rules, including DOT hazard classification, communications, packaging standards, Materials of Trade exemption for VSQG operations, HazMat security, and more. Includes all information presented in the DOT annual update. Meets mandatory requirements for new and trained staff required to prepare shipments of HW.

DOT annual update & HazMat security plans

An update on USDOT transportation regulations. Covers Materials of Trade exception to VSQG operations, as well as HazMat security plans. Will meet the mandatory requirement for employees in the 3-year cycle for taking DOT training for HHW staff.

For more information

To request more information or schedule training, contact Teresa Gilbertson, HHW Training & Information Coordinator, 507-476-4254.