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The MPCA's technical review and approval process for wastewater treatment facilities (WWTF) confirms that proposed WWTF projects will comply with state permits/rules and recognized engineering practices, and meet reliability criteria. To speed the review and approval of your design documents, please complete the applicable checklists from the list below and submit them with your plans and specifications.

Engineering/technical publications

Sanitary sewer

Using wastewater in the sanitary sewer collection system as a heat transfer medium is a new concept and several communities have expressed interest in these projects. This document is intended to provide interim guidance for projects that would be owned/operated by a third party to help as they proceed through the planning process.


Mechanical treatment process design checklists

Preliminary treatment

Primary and secondary treatment

Tertiary treatment


Design checklists are provided for chlorine and ultraviolet disinfection. Contact your facility’s assigned engineer for guidance if other types of disinfection are being considered.

Municipal biosolids treatment and solids handling

Municipal land treatment: LSTS and RIB

Large subsurface treatment systems (LSTS)

Rapid infiltration basins (RIB)