Financial assistance: Grants and loans

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has various opportunities available for receiving grants and other financial assistance for environmental projects in Minnesota.


MPCA offers financial assistance that can help parties with the upfront cost of investigating the presence and extent of contamination at brownfield sites.

  • MPCA’s Targeted Brownfield Assessment (TBA) grant program
  • site assessment assistance for old dumpsites

MPCA gives preference to applications for financial assistance where the brownfield site will become a park, recreational area, nature preserve, or other type of green space.

RETAP is looking for consultants.

Under a grant agreement, the Minnesota Retiree Environmental Technical Assistance Program (RETAP) is looking for retired professionals to provide facility assessments and community sustainability assistance to small businesses, institutions, and communities in Minnesota. Applicants can be retired engineers, scientists, managers, or other retired professionals from a wide range of technical and non-technical fields. For details, visit Minnesota RETAP.

Environmental Assistance Grant Program

The Environmental Assistance (EA) Grant Program provides financial assistance for the development of environmentally sustainable practices in Minnesota through voluntary partnerships and outcome-oriented, economically driven approaches to pollution prevention, waste reduction, toxicity reduction, water quality protection, and resource conservation. The application period for this program is normally held on an annual basis. If the latest documents are not available, you may refer to the posted documents as informational and/or contact Jeannie Given: 651-757-2459 or 1-800-657-3864 .

Environmental Assistance Loan Program

The Environmental Assistance Loan Program is a revolving fund program whereby additional financial assistance is made available as past recipients repay their loans. The eligibility, priority focus, and application documents are updated/revised approximately every two years. If at any time the latest documents are not available, you may refer to the posted documents as informational and/or contact Jeannie Given: 651-757-2459 or 1-800-657-3864.

Environmental Assistance Time-sensitive Grant Program

Environmental Assistance Time-sensitive grants allow for continuous implementation of the agency’s mission of working for the development of environmentally sustainable practices in Minnesota. Time-sensitive grants are typically made available during the periods between open funding rounds of the EA Grant program and are dependent on the availability of funding. The priority of the Time-sensitive grant program is updated regularly as the agency identifies needs.

For program assistance, contact Jeannie Given: 651-757-2459 or 1-800-657-3864 toll free.

Small Business Environmental Improvement Loan Program

This program provides small business loans at zero percent interest for capital equipment purchases that meet or exceed environmental regulations, and costs associated with the investigation and cleanup of contaminated sites. Many different types of projects are eligible for loans. Through the program, small businesses are able to achieve their environmental goals, with both financial and technical assistance. For more information, contact Angela Bourdaghs: 651-757-2875.

Small Business Grant Program

Provides financial assistance to businesses, organizations, and entities for the development of projects that go beyond regulatory requirements to improve their environmental stewardship. Requests for proposal are open throughout the year for a variety of projects and industries. For more information, contact Angela Bourdaghs: 651-757-2875.

Solid Waste Processing Facilities Capital Assistance Program (CAP)

CAP provides financial and technical assistance to local governments to encourage investment in the proper management of solid waste. CAP has provided over $60 million to assist more than 90 projects in Minnesota since 1985.

The objective of CAP is recovering materials and energy from waste and to minimizing land disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) through solid waste processing and resource recovery. Eligible applicants are Minnesota cities, counties, solid waste management districts, and sanitary districts. Eligible projects are facilities that include resource recovery.

For program assistance or for more information, contact Jeannie Given: 651-757-2459 or 1-800-657-3864.

Green Chemistry & Engineering Internship grant

MPCA works to support green chemistry in Minnesota. This grant provides money to help with a green chemistry and engineering intern project at a company’s Minnesota facility. Through this project, both the company and the intern will gain experience in advancing the practice of green chemistry and engineering within the host company, applied to one or more of the company’s products or components.