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Solid Waste Processing Facilities Capital Assistance Program

The Solid Waste Processing Facilities Capital Assistance Program (CAP) provides financial and technical assistance to local governments to encourage investment in the proper management of solid waste. CAP has provided over $100 million to assist more than 100 projects in Minnesota since 1985.

The objective of CAP is recovering materials and energy from waste and to minimize land disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) through waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting source-separated materials or yard waste, resource recovery, waste separation, and waste processing.

Identifying funding needs

In preparation for future state bonding sessions, MPCA asks local government to identify funding needs for the development of integrated solid waste management systems and infrastructure in Minnesota. Grant recipients must demonstrate to the MPCA that they have an ability and plan to fund the program intended for the facility.

If you are planning/anticipating capital expenditures for a solid waste management system (new/upgrade/expansion), please contact Jeannie Given at or 651-757-2459 to request a CAP interest form and to discuss your proposed project.

For fiscal year 2024 bonding consideration, CAP interest forms are due on or before May 30, 2023.

Availability of CAP funding is subject to an appropriation by the state Legislature.


  • Eligible applicants are Minnesota cities, counties, solid waste management districts, and sanitary districts.
  • Eligible projects are facilities that advance efforts to reduce waste, reuse materials, and recover resources.