Contract, grant and loan opportunities

Open RFPs

Current requests for proposals for MPCA projects and grant/loan programs.

MPCA is seeking project proposals for approximately $65,000 in total grant funds for projects that reduce toxicity through curriculum development or community-focused efforts that reduce exposure to chemicals of concern.

Refer to the Toxicity reduction grants web page for the request for proposals (RFP) with full details on project types and eligibility: who may apply, grant match amounts, and other information that will help applicants submit a proposal.

Application deadline: December 15, 2020 (4 p.m. Central Time)

Grant money ($2.66 million) to install direct current fast chargers for electric vehicles in designated corridors along highways and interstates in Greater Minnesota.

Refer to the EV fast charging station grants web page for the request for proposals (RFP) with full details on eligibility: who may apply, grant match amounts, and other information that will help applicants submit a proposal.

Application deadline: November 25 2020 (4:30 p.m. Central Time)

Eligible applicants in Minnesota are encouraged to apply for $3 million in total grant funding to help purchase new electric school buses to replace older, diesel-powered school buses.

Refer to the Electric school bus pilot project web page for the request for proposals (RFP) with full details on eligibility: who may apply, grant match amounts, and other information that will help applicants submit a proposal.

Application deadline: October 13, 2020 (4:30 p.m. Central Time)

The MPCA has made up to $250,000 in Small Business Environmental Improvement Loans available at zero-percent interest to small businesses for installation and equipment purchases associated with a switch from the use of trichloroethylene (TCE) to an alternative demonstrated to be less toxic.

Qualified borrowers must be an existing small business corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership, or association with less than 500 full-time employees, after-tax profit of less than $500,000, and a demonstrated ability to repay the loan.

See Loans for trichloroethylene reduction web page for eligibility requirements, loan terms, and application form. 

The MPCA is soliciting proposals for about $1.1 million in grants to reduce emissions from older, diesel-powered off-road equipment by helping owners to replace or improve eligible diesel equipment – improving air quality and public health at the same time.

See Minnesota clean diesel off-road DERA grant for the posted RFP, application forms, and program details.

Application deadline: September 18, 2020 (4:30 p.m. Central Time)

The Environmental Assistance (EA) loan program accepts applications on a continuous basis. Loans are awarded throughout the calendar year, based on the availability of program funds. Visit the program Web page for application forms, reference documents such as Frequently Asked Questions, and links to applicable statutes and rules.

The Clean Water Partnership (CWP) program is now accepting loan applications from local governmental units interested in receiving zero-percent-interest loans to lead a nonpoint source pollution control project for protection or restoration of Minnesota’s water bodies. Application can be submitted at any time. Currently there is no deadline for submittal of an application. A total of $10 million is available for fiscal years 2020 and 2021 (maximum loan of $3 million per project).

MPCA provides loans to small businesses at zero percent interest for capital equipment purchases that help the company meet or exceed environmental regulations, and costs associated with the investigation and cleanup of contaminated sites. Common benefits include a healthier workplace, lower waste disposal bills, and reduced regulatory obligations. Projects that go beyond compliance may result in simpler permits and cost savings, and are highly encouraged.

Recently closed RFPs

MPCA sought applications from small businesses and organizations for $125,000 in available grant funding to reduce the use of ethylene oxide sterilization or products that contain ethylene oxide (EtO) and its derivatives.

Closed: Applications were due August 28, 2020 (4:00 pm Central Time)

Through this Section 319 funding round, the MPCA solicited proposals for about $2.8 million that is anticipated to be available in the FFY 2020 funding round for projects that will reduce nonpoint source pollution in Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, and streams in areas with approved nine key element (NKE) plans (see Section 319 Small Watersheds Focus group A).

Closed: Applications were due July 17, 2020 (4:30 p.m. Central Time)

Through this Environmental Assistance grant, MPCA offered approximately $1 million to support grant projects that focus on best practices for recycling or composting collection systems. Eligible applicants were political subdivisions in Minnesota outside the Twin Cities seven-county metropolitan area (Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington County). Multi-organizational collaboration is encouraged. If the applicant is a city, the city’s population must be less than 45,000.

Closed: Applications were due July 7, 2020 (2 p.m. Central Time)

The MPCA had $500,000 in grant funding available for organizations with project proposals for prevention of wasted food and food rescue that can have a measurable impact, through prevention or food rescue, on reducing the greenhouse gas impacts from food that is wasted.

Closed: Application deadline was July 1, 2020.

MPCA sought intern applications for a Green Chemistry & Engineering internship at a Minnesota facility in summer 2020.

MPCA sought applications for $400,000 in total funding for projects that will build lasting capacity to support recycling markets in Minnesota. The goal is to increase recycling feedstock value, increase end market capacity, divert recyclable materials from disposal, and create jobs in Minnesota.

Closed: Application deadline was May 29, 2020.

MPCA sought applications for $25,000 in total grant funding for small businesses, governmental agencies, educational institutions and nongovernmental organizations to switch to alternative solvents and coatings that result in measurable reductions in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or to purchase equipment that reduces the use of VOC-containing solvents and coatings.

Closed: Applications were due May 29, 2020.

MPCA solicited grant applications for approximately $250,000 to research, develop, and implement strategies for communities to adapt to the impacts of climate change and improve community resilience while achieving positive environmental outcomes. These efforts will prevent or reduce the environmental impacts including waste and pollution caused by warming temperatures and extreme precipitation while protecting public health and well-being.

Closed: Applications were due March 11, 2020.

MPCA offered $10,000 to support a Minnesota facility or organization with a grant to underwrite the cost of hosting a summer 2020 Green Chemistry & Engineering Internship, to achieve a purpose or outcome which advances the process or practice of green chemistry and engineering.

Closed: Applications were due March 6, 2020.