Minnesota Association of County Feedlot Officers

The Minnesota Association of County Feedlot Officers (MACFO) represents counties participating in a cooperative arrangement with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and county government to administer Minnesota's feedlot rule. This cooperative program is known as "county delegation" or the "county feedlot program." County feedlot programs are responsible for the implementation of feedlot rules and regulations (50 counties as of January 2021, including most of the major livestock counties). MACFO is an official affiliate organization with the Association of Minnesota Counties.

Annual convention

Canceled: The 2021 MACFO convention was canceled, but the annual meeting was held March 25 via Zoom.

County contacts

The files below contain information about feedlot contacts for counties in Minnesota. For more information, call the MPCA at 800-657-3864 or 651-296-7327 (metro area).