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Nearly all feedlot owners are required to register with the state. Feedlot registration is necessary to maintain accurate data about the number, location, and size of animal feedlots in Minnesota. Feedlot owners are required to update their registration data every four years unless they have applied for a feedlot permit during that time.

Feedlot registration is not a feedlot permit and does not authorize construction or expansion of an animal feedlot. Learn if you need a permit on the Feedlot permits page.

Who must register

Animal typeAU factor
Dairy cow over 1,000 lbs1.4
Dairy cow under 1,000 lbs1.0
Dairy heifer0.7
Dairy calf0.2
Beef steer or stock cow1.0
Beef heifer or backgrounding0.7
Beef cow calf pair1.2
Beef calf0.2
Swine over 300 lbs0.4
Swine 55 to 300 lbs0.3
Swine under 55 lbs0.05
Sheep or lamb0.1
Chicken (liquid manure system)0.033
Chicken over 5 lbs (dry manure)0.005
Chicken under 5 lbs (dry manure)0.003
Turkey over 5 lbs0.018
Turkey under 5 lbs0.005

Owners must register feedlots with 50 or more animal units (AU), or 10 or more AUs in a shoreland area.

Animal units are calculated by multiplying the number of animals by the AU factors listed in the table to the right (e.g., 50 dairy calves x 0.2 = 10 AU).

Shoreland, in most instances, refers to land that is 1,000 feet or less from a lake or 300 feet or less from a river or stream. In rare instances, land near large ponds, wetlands, or ditches is classified as shoreland.

How to register

The recommended browsers for accessing the online registration are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari. Internet Explorer is not recommended.

Online registration

Some counties delegated to administer the feedlot program may assist with feedlot registration by collecting registration information and then entering that information into the online service for feedlot owners.