Schmidt, Pomerleau, and Bass Lakes - Excess Nutrients: TMDL Project

Schmidt LakeAlmost the entire drainage area of Schmidt, Pomerleau, and Bass Lakes is located within the city of Plymouth in the northwestern suburban Twin Cities metropolitan area, with a fraction located in the city of Maple Grove. The Pomerleau Lake and Schmidt Lake subwatersheds drain through the Bass Lake subwatershed to Bass Lake. Bass Lake outlets through Bass Creek to Shingle Creek, which outlets into the Mississippi River.

Bass Lake is approximately 175 acres in size, averages 10.1 feet in depth, and 82% of the surface area is littoral (less than 15 feet in depth). Pomerleau Lake is approximately 30 acres in size, averages 10.9 feet in depth, and 66% of the surface area is littoral. Schmidt Lake is approximately 37 acres in size, averages 5.5 feet in depth, and 92% of the surface area is littoral. There are about seven storm sewer outfalls discharging into Bass Lake as well as Bass Creek and 8 storm sewer outfalls to Schmidt Lake.

Schmidt Lake sunsetSchmidt, Pomerleau, and Bass Lakes were placed on the 2002 impaired waters list for aquatic recreation because the lakes exceed the water quality standard for nutrients. Excess nutrients such as phosphorus from stormwater runoff create poor water quality conditions causing frequent summer algal blooms, which limit recreational activities.

The goal of this TMDL is to quantify the pollutant reductions needed for Schmidt, Pomerleau and Bass Lakes to meet state water quality standards. The MPCA is partnering with the Shingle Creek Watershed Management Commission and their consultant, Wenck Associates, Inc. to complete both the TMDL report and implementation plan for these lakes.

Map and location

Schmidt, Pomerleau, and Bass Lakes are located in the city of Plymouth (Hennepin County) in the northwestern part of the Twin Cities. The lakes lie in the Mississippi River - Twin Cities watershed of the Upper Mississippi River basin

TMDL report and implementation plan


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