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The reports listed here are total maximum daily load projects undertaken in the Lower Minnesota River Watershed along with related documents. See the three-part watershed-approach TMDL report on the Lower Minnesota River Watershed page.

Basin-wide projects

Lower Minnesota River TMDL: Low dissolved oxygen

Carver County

Bevens Creek TMDL: Turbidity

Carver Creek TMDL: Turbidity

Carver-Bevens-Silver creeks TMDL: Fecal coliform

Bluff Creek TMDL: Turbidity and impaired fish biota

Burandt Lake TMDL: Excess nutrients

Benton Lake TMDL: Excess nutrients

Goose, Hydes, Miller, and Winkler lakes TMDL: Excess nutrients

Reitz Lake TMDL: Excess nutrients

Dakota County

Eagan neighborhood lakes TMDL

Fish and Schwanz lakes TMDL: Excess nutrients

Hennepin County

Nine Mile Creek TMDL: Chloride

Scott County

Cedar and McMahon lakes TMDL: Excess nutrients

Credit River turbidity protection plan

Spring Lake-Upper Prior Lake TMDL: Excess nutrients

Multiple counties

High Island Creek and Rush River TMDL: Fecal coliform

Sibley, Nicollet, Renville, and McLeod counties

Crystal, Keller, Lee, and Earley lakes TMDL: Excess nutrients

Dakota and Scott counties