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The reports and related documents listed here are total maximum daily load projects undertaken in the Lower St. Croix River Watershed. See the watershed-approach TMDL report on the Lower St. Croix River Watershed page.

Basin-wide projects

Lake St. Croix TMDL: Excess nutrients

Chisago County

Chisago Lakes Chain of Lakes Watershed

Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District TMDL: Excess nutrients

Washington County

Valley Branch Watershed District TMDL and WRAPS

Carnelian-Marine-St. Croix Watershed District 10 lakes TMDL: Excess nutrients

Browns Creek TMDL: Lack of cold water assemblage and impaired biota

Anoka County

Typo and Martin lakes TMDL: Excess nutrients

Multiple counties

Sunrise River TMDL: Fecal coliform

Sunrise River Watershed TMDL: Multiple impairments

Addressing phosphorus in Sunrise River Watershed (Science Museum's St. Croix Watershed Research Station)

Work from 2012 is found in the Minnesota Water Research Digital Library (MnWRL).

Goose Creek Watershed TMDL