Cedar Island, Pike, and Eagle Lakes - Excess nutrients TMDL

The Eagle Lake Chain of Lakes is a regional water resource located in Hennepin County, Minnesota, in the Shingle Creek Watershed, specifically in the cities of Maple Grove and Plymouth. The 291-acre Eagle Lake is a highly used recreational water body that provides opportunities for fishing and swimming as well as aesthetic values. Pike Lake at 58 acres and Cedar Island Lake at 81 acres both provide fishing opportunities. The drainage area to the Lake Chain is 2,880 acres of fully developed urban and suburban land. Pike and Eagle Lakes are connected to each other by a channel through a large wetland. Cedar Island Lake has no natural outlet, but a pumped outlet discharges the water into Eagle Lake. The lake system discharges into Eagle Creek, which is a tributary of Shingle Creek, which ultimately discharges into the Mississippi River.

The state placed Pike Lake on the 2002 impaired waters list, Cedar Island Lake in 2004, and Eagle Lake in 2008 for aquatic recreation because the lakes exceed the water quality standard for nutrients. Excess nutrients such as phosphorus from stormwater runoff create poor water quality conditions causing frequent summer algal blooms, which limit recreational activities.

The goal of this TMDL is to quantify the pollutant reductions needed for Cedar Island, Pike, and Eagle Lakes to meet state water quality standards. The MPCA is partnering with the Shingle Creek Watershed Management Commission and their consultant, Wenck Associates, Inc. to complete both the TMDL report and implementation plan for these lakes. 

Map and location

Cedar Island, Pike, and Eagle Lakes are located in the city of Maple Grove (all three lakes) and city of Plymouth (Pike Lake), in the northwestern Twin Cities metro area, Hennepin County. The lakes lie in the Mississippi River - Twin Cities watershed within the Upper Mississippi River Basin.

TMDL report and implementation plan


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