Smart Salting training

Certified individuals and organizations

If you have questions about the cost and environmental benefits of smart salting, taking the training, finding a certified company near you, or sharing positive salt-saving changes that have benefitted your organization, please contact us at

Property management certification

This training will help management-level property managers or local government decision-makers learn how to save money and protect water resources using less salt and still maintain safe paved surfaces. The tons of salt used every year to manage snow and ice damages infrastructure and vegetation and pollutes our lakes, streams and groundwater.

This is a 3-year certification; to become Smart Salting certified:

  • Attend training
  • Pass test
  • Pledge to hire certified contractors
  • Pledge to certify your staff
  • Pledge to reduce salt use on your properties

Level 1 (individual) training

If you apply road salt, you can learn how to significantly reduce salt use, save money, and protect Minnesota's lakes and streams while maintaining road safety. There are two types of Level 1 trainings:

  1. Roads class – High/low speed snowplow operation
  2. Parking lot/sidewalk class – Maintaining private/public walkways and/or parking lots and service roads

This is a 5-year Smart Salting certification; to renew you must attend and pass another class.

Who should participate?

  • State, city, and county road maintenance staff
  • Private winter maintenance contractors
  • Property staff maintaining private/public walkways and/or parking lots
  • Other snowplow drivers

Level 2 (organizational) certification

Level 2 is a certification for public and private organizations to your organization assess its salt use and take steps to minimize it. Attendees may earn Level 2 certification through use of the online tool directly or attend a Level 2 class where instructors will walk you through using the tool and completing the assessments. Instructors will share learn additional benefits of the SSAt and how it can help your organization, including assisting with new MS4 permit chloride requirements. Visit our Smart Salting training calendar for class dates and to register.

To become Level 2 Smart Salting certified using the online tool directly:

  • Using the Smart Salting Assessment tool, complete the best management practices and salt savings assessments for the most recent fully completed winter maintenance season. For example, a report completed on January 1, 2018, would be based on the 2016/2017 winter maintenance season. An organization may submit one assessment for the whole organization or more than one, as long as each has a unique address. For instance, MnDOT may submit an assessment for each of its facilities, or a company may submit a separate assessment for each of its branch offices.
  • On the assessment tool's user home page:
    1. Click on "Select Reports" at the bottom right.
    2. Select the appropriate completed reports for your organization. (Reports should include all of the surface type(s) in which you are involved, not a separate report for each surface type.):
      • BMP Reports: Response Summary (current)
      • BMP Reports: Comparison of Responses Between Assessment Periods (current and future)
      • Salt Savings Reports: Summary Report (current and future)
    3. Click "Submit."
    4. After the reports have been submitted, if they are complete the tool will generate a certificate for your organization. Return to the user home page and select "Print Certificate."

Level 2 certification is valid for 2 years. The "Certification status" section of the user home page will note when your Level 2 certification expires. The required reports must be submitted every 2 years to maintain Level 2 certification.

See the Salt applicators page for training manuals, calibration charts, training videos, and other resources.

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