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Worker mowing the grass on riding mower.

The summer turf grass maintenance training focuses on best management practices (BMPs) for lawns and turf. This training is about 6 hours long, including a test.

Topics covered in the training

  • How does turf management affect local lakes and rivers
  • Equipment calibration
  • Selection and application of fertilizers
  • Mowing techniques
  • Pesticide application tips
  • Best practices for turf management
  • Legal issues and additional resources

You will also walk away with practical in-the-field materials you can use, such as a turf care matrix.

Who should participate?

  • Contractors maintaining private/public grounds
  • Employees maintaining park, cemetery, city and/or school grounds
  • Property managers writing contracts
  • Distributors of turf care products

Why is it important?

  • This class will help you save money, protect our lakes and streams, and get certified.
  • Class instructors include an environmental specialist, an academic turf expert, and a field expert.

Get certified

Testing for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Level 1 Certification: Summer Turf Care Best Practices is offered at the end of the workshop. The training will also include a voluntary commitment option to implement the best management practices taught in the training.

A voluntary certification will be issued by the MPCA to participants who:

  • take the training
  • pass the test
  • voluntarily commit to implement the BMPs

The list of individuals given this voluntary certification to date:

486: Turfgrass maintenance training events (redirect)
Calendar and clock

Training events

Find and register for upcoming trainings for lawn and turf maintenance on the events calendar. Classes are seasonal.

Turf grass maintenance manual and matrix charts

Helpful videos

Lawn maintenance videos for residents, homeowners, business owners and seasonal workers. Learn responsible practices to keep lawns healthy and attractive while preventing harm to our rivers, lakes, streams and groundwater. Produced by the Mississippi Watershed Management Commission.

Part 1:  Lawn care basics (23 min.)

Learn the life cycle of grass and how it relates to lawn care, along with core aeration and principles of healthy mowing and responsible watering.

Part 2: Fertilizing your lawn (21 min.)

In this video, you will learn about soil testing and how to read the soil test; what makes up fertilizer and how to read a fertilizer bag; and how much fertilizer to use and how to apply it.

Part 3: Weed control (16 min.)

In this video, you will learn to identify weeds, remove weeds without herbicide or determine how much herbicide to use and how to safely apply it.