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Smart Salting training helps improve operator effectiveness and reduce chloride pollution while keeping roads, parking lots, and sidewalks safe. Participating organizations have been able to reduce their salt use by 30 to 70%. And the training has been shown to prevent chloride contamination in bodies of water. Learn how you and your organization can become Smart Salting certified at the link below.

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Smart Salting training

In Level 1 training, individual road salt applicators learn best practices to reduce their salt use while maintaining safety. Organizations can earn Level 2 certification by assessing their salt use and taking steps to minimize it. The MPCA is now offering a new Smart Salting certification for Property Managers. The goal is to help property managers save money and protect water resources.

Success stories

In Dakota County, the MPCA and its partners tracked effectiveness of Smart Salting training through two winters. Fourteen months after the county's snow plow drivers took the course, the evaluation showed measureable improvements. In the first season after the training, the county used 14,175 tons of salt for 35 snow events (average: 405 tons per event). In the next season, the county used 9,585 tons of salt for 27 events (average: 355 tons per event). This correlates to about 40 million gallons of freshwater protected from chloride contamination per snow event. Learn more: PDF icon Dakota County Winter Maintenance Training KAP Study Report

Winter maintenance staff who have attended the Smart Salting training — both from cities/counties and private companies — have used their knowledge to reduce salt use and save their money for their organizations.



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Training videos

Winter maintenance training for small sites

This two-part video introduces best practices for winter maintenance of small spaces such as sidewalks, entryways, and steps, and offers guidance on deicing materials and application rates. 

Part 1 (10 min.)

Part 2 (10 min.)

The MPCA thanks the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization, University of Minnesota, and Fortin Consulting for producing this video.

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If you have questions about the cost and environmental benefits of smart salting, taking the training, finding a certified company near you, or sharing positive salt-saving changes that have benefitted your organization, please contact us at