Wastewater and stormwater financial assistance

Cambridge wastewater treatment plant

Managing wastewater and stormwater is important for the health and safety of any community. It can also make a difference to a community’s growth potential and environmental value, in terms of attracting new businesses, new residents, and additional visitors. Financing for wastewater and stormwater projects is available for public entities.

PDF icon Community options for water infrastructure financing (wq-wwtp2-42)

A guide for researching options for financing water infrastructure projects. Examine the requirements for each program and see if your entity qualifies.

Project Priority Lists and Intended Use Plans

The MPCA prepares the project priority list (PPL) to determine funding priorities for Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loans, Wastewater Infrastructure Fund Grants or Loans, Point Source Implementation Grants, and the Small Community Wastewater Treatment Grants or Loans. Other funding agencies consider project rankings on the PPL when making their project funding decisions.

2019 PPL and IUP

In January 2018, the MPCA, Department of Health and Public Facilities Authority notified all eligible municipal entities that there is an opportunity to submit Clean Water or drinking water projects to their respective Project Priority List (PPL). 

Schedule for 2019 projects


Wastewater Facilities Plans or Stormwater Project Plans are due to the MPCA (to ensure priority review) March 2, 2018
Request for Placement on PPL due to the MPCA March 2, 2018
Request for Placement on the 2019 IUP due to the PFA June 2, 2018
Wastewater Facilities Plans or Stormwater Project Plans: preliminary approval by MPCA for 2019 IUP projects June 30, 2018

Application materials for PPL

Local governments wishing to get projects ranked on the PPL must submit an application and scoring worksheet. Projects to serve unsewered areas must also submit their Unsewered Area Needs Documentation Part 1 in the format required by the MPCA.

Please direct all Clean Water Project Priority List (PPL) documents to PPL.Submittals.PCA@state.mn.us.


2018 PPL and IUP

PDF icon 2018 Intended Use Plan (Minnesota PFA)

Projects and activities the PFA intends to fund from the Clean Water Revolving Fund in state fiscal year (FY) 2018 (July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018).

Clean Water Revolving Fund — Wastewater and stormwater

The Clean Water Revolving Fund, also known as the Clean Water State Revolving Fund or simply SRF, is established under the federal Clean Water Act and state law to make loans to for both point source (wastewater and stormwater) and nonpoint source water pollution control projects. The PFA prepares an annual Intended Use Plan (IUP) based on a Project Priority List developed by the MPCA. The IUP describes the projects and activities eligible for funding during the state fiscal year.

Clean Water Revolving Fund administrative forms (Minn. Rule Ch 7077)

These Administrative Checklists are used by MPCA staff engineers, project professional engineers, and municipal administrators to track the required MPCA administrative forms that will be completed by municipalities and their projects’ professional engineers, and submitted to MPCA for their respective projects.

Facilities Plan and Facilities Plan Supplement for Wastewater Treatment Systems - Ch 7077.0272

Plans and specifications for wastewater treatment systems - Ch 7077.0274

Certification submittal requirements - Ch 7077.0280

Project performance - Ch 7077.0288


The Water Infrastructure Fund (WIF) program provides supplemental assistance in the form of grants and deferred loans to local governments for high cost, high priority wastewater projects. The program works in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development grant and loan program, or in conjunction with financing from the Clean Water Revolving Fund. Projects must be ranked on the MPCA’s Project Priority List to be eligible for WIF funds.


HTML icon Point Source Implementation Grant program (Public Facilities Authority)

PDF icon Point Source Implementation Grant Program process and deadlines (wq-wwtp2-60)

Provides grants to units of local government to assist with the cost of wastewater treatment or stormwater projects necessary to:

  • Meet wasteload reductions prescribed under a total maximum daily load (TMDL) plan required by Section 303(d) of the federal Clean Water Act
  • Reduce the discharge of total phosphorus to one milligram per liter or less
  • Meet any other water quality-based effluent limit established under section Minnesota Statute Section 115.03, subd 1, (e)(8), that is incorporated into a permit issued by MPCA that exceeds secondary treatment limits
  • Meet a total nitrogen limit of ten milligrams per liter or less

Funds have been appropriated by the Minnesota Legislature from the Clean Water Fund via the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment.

The determination of eligible costs includes a calculation by the MPCA of the Essential Project Component (EPC) percentage based on existing versus future needs, which may result in some projects qualifying for less than 50% grants.

HTML icon Small Community Wastewater Treatment program (Public Facilities Authority)

Provides funding to help communities replace non-complying septic systems and straight pipes with new individual or cluster subsurface sewage treatment systems (SSTS) that will be publicly owned, operated and maintained.


Bill Dunn, Wastewater and Stormwater Financial Assistance Programs Administrator, 651-757-2324 or 651-402-1639 (cell)