Closed. Grant applications were due May 7 (4 p.m.).

Chloride reduction grants

Water conditionerThe MPCA sought grant proposals from eligible organizations to work within targeted communities that are experiencing elevated chloride levels in their surface waters or wastewater discharge to provide direct assistance for the upgrade and optimization of water softening systems that will result in a chloride reduction.

Closed: Application deadline was May 7, 2021 (4 p.m.)

  • Eligible applicants: For-profit businesses with under 500 employees; local/regional governmental entity, educational institution, tribal government, or non-profit organization.
  • Grant amount: $200,000 (the grant will be awarded to a single applicant). Applicant must provide 25% match as in-kind or cash match.

The request for proposals (RFP) has full details on who may apply, eligible project costs, and other information that will help applicants submit a proposal.

Application materials

The RFP and application materials can only be accessed and submitted through the online SWIFT portal.

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Click on "Bidding opportunities"
  2. Find the event name (MPCA-Chloride Reduction Grant-Water Softening) or ID (2000011705).
  3. Click "View Bid Package" to see the RFP and forms. 

More information can be found under "Informational Tips" and "Supplier Portal Help."

Applications for this grant will only be accepted through SWIFT. In order to apply or bid, applicants will need to click on "Register for an Account" and then "Register as a Bidder." (If you are already registered in SWIFT, use your current username and password.)

For questions about SWIFT, please contact the Office of State Procurement at 651-201-8100, option 1.


Chloride levels continue to rise in Minnesota’s surface waters and groundwater, with 50 surface waters already exceeding levels that are considered acceptable to keep our freshwater fish, insects, amphibians and plants healthy. Reducing chloride at the source is needed throughout the state, not only to restore already impacted waters but also to protect all water resources. There are multiple sources to consider, a variety of options to reduce chloride, and a large geographical area to address.

The MPCA seeks proposals from applicants that will provide assistance to local businesses, industries and other facilities within high chloride communities to upgrade and optimize water softening systems. The MPCA is seeking an organization that will lead the effort within a selected community in need of chloride reduction in partnership with members of the community and local and state experts. The goal of the project is to develop a strategy to identify, prioritize, and assist local businesses or industries to upgrade or optimize their existing water softening systems to a system that will decrease salt use and therefor reduce impacts to local water resources. Multiple organizations may work together, but one organization will need to submit as the lead applicant.

Visit the MPCA Chloride website for more information about chloride pollution and available resources.

Clean Water Land and Legacy AmendmentClean Water Land Legacy Amendment Funds support the MPCA’s Chloride Reduction Program, which includes administering the Smart Salting Training program, conducting statewide trainings and establishing a targeted grant program to address chloride pollution.