Amendments to operator training requirements

The MPCA is planning to make a minor amendment to Minn. R. pt. 7048.1000 to reduce the number of training hours required to renew a Type IV operator certificate.

Waste Facility Operator Certification: R-0466


Operators of facilities where sewage sludge and industrial wastes are applied to the land for treatment and disposal (Type IV facilities) are required to be trained and certified by the MPCA. (Minn. R. ch. 7048) After completing initial training, operators must currently receive nine hours of additional training every three years to maintain their certification. In this rulemaking the MPCA is proposing to reduce the required re-certification training hours from nine to six hours.

Schedule and opportunities to participate

Tasks Dates
Publish request for comments Nov. 13, 2018
Publish notice Jan. 14, 2019
Final adoption of rules with no hearing  


PDF icon Request for comment (wq-rule4-22a)

Public comment period: 11/13/2018 through 12/14/2018

PDF icon Comments received (wq-rule4-22f)

Comments received in response to proposed amendment to Type IV certification renewal requirements

Existing rules and statutes

Minn. R. ch 7048, Waste disposal: Operators and inspectors

Minn. Stat. ch 14, Administrative procedure

Minn. R. ch 1400, APA proceedings; Expenses and attorney fees

Staff contacts

Technical expert: Sheryl Bock,

Rulemaking process: Carol Nankivel,