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Minnesota rules require that anyone installing, repairing, or removing regulated underground storage tanks be certified by the MPCA. It is unlawful for an owner or operator to hire a contractor not certified by the MPCA.

Certification application

To apply or renew your contractor certification, fill out the application, notarize it, and send the applicable documents along with a $50 application fee to the MPCA. See the application form for details.

Certification types


An MPCA-certified supervisor provides on-site supervision and direction for a storage tank project. Supervisor certification is effective for four years after which the individual must attend renewal training every four years. To be certified, supervisors must provide:

  • Copy of diploma from Riverland Community College
  • List of five projects (four project minimum per discipline) within the past four years with an MPCA-certified supervisor


A certified contractor oversees all work and works in accordance with applicable codes. An MPCA-certified contractor can install, repair, or remove underground storage tanks. Contractor certification is effective for two years. To be certified, contractors must provide:

  • Proof of liability insurance coverage, bonding, or liquid company assets
  • Project history for three most recent UST jobs
  • List of employees that are MPCA-certified to perform/supervise UST projects
  • If applicable, a list of companies that will be subcontracted

Certification training

Riverland Community College provides contractor certification and recertification classes.

  • Underground Storage Tank Certification Course - Learn to install, remove or repair underground storage tanks and piping according to federal and state codes. The course covers contractor responsibilities, OSHA safety, and Right-to-Know regulations; project management; and critical junctures. It also covers corrosion control principles, leak detection methods, and site assessment and spill cleanup procedures. Participants take a final written exam.
  • Underground Storage Tank Training and Renewal - Course to renew supervisor certification, which covers cathodic protection; regulatory and fire code updates; tank safety, removal, cleaning, transportation, and disposal; installation and maintenance; excavations; and electrical safety and code updates.