Every local unit of government that administers an SSTS program must have at least one staff person trained in the administrative requirements of the program. The training consists of 13 videos (each is less than 15 minutes) and a brief quiz for each.

Before starting the videos, print out the quiz and the companion documents.

Quizzes – Answer the quiz questions as you view each video (it is an open-computer test!). Record the date you watched the video and add your initials to the top right of each completed quiz and keep them on file.

Companion documents – Companion documents will help you follow along with the training and may provide additional information.

SSTS administrative training videos

These link to YouTube videos and will open in a new browser window.

  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. Program goals 
  3. Laws and rules
  4. SSTS principles
  5. Certification and licensing
  6. Expectations for LGUs
  7. Records compliance and annual reporting
  8. SSTS design and permits
  9. Verify soils and construction inspections
  10. Basic septic system operation and maintenance
  11. Ensuring compliance
  12. SSTS resources for local program administrators
  13. Alternative local standards

Video companion documents

Print out and keep for handy reference while watching the videos.