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To honor the comments the MPCA received from stakeholders reflecting many perspectives, and to learn more from those potentially affected by a revised rule, the MPCA formed the Water Fee Advisory Committee to provide input to the Commissioner on this important topic. The group met six times in early 2018.

The committee which included a broad range of stakeholders, was charged with providing perspective, input, and advice to the commissioner. This input and advice will inform MPCA decisions on the approach and next steps to address the needs associated with the MPCA's water fee structure.

Meeting resources

Additional information

The MPCA also prepared the information below as requested by and discussed with the Advisory Committee members. The fee revenue scenarios are not formal proposals. These scenarios were prepared to aid the fee discussions with the Advisory Committee and as noted above, to provide input to the Commissioner on the water fee structure. For more information on the funding data and fee revenue scenarios, please see the Advisory Committee meeting documents above.

Water quality program funding data

Water quality fee revenue scenarios for discussion