Air Quality Dispersion Modeling (AQDM) | What's new

PDF icon MPCA Interim paved roads modeling practice memorandum (aq2-212)

June 15, 2021: The MPCA expects that particulate emissions from paved roads will be included in ambient air quality modeling demonstrations. To facilitate this practice, we have developed interim modeling practices for paved roads. Please review this document as you prepare your ambient particulate air quality modeling demonstration. If you have questions about this new interim practice, or paved road emission calculations, please contact the MPCA Air Quality Permitting Section at

PDF icon [DRAFT] Development of an air quality monitoring siting plan for determination (aq1-65)

Draft for comment: Outlines the internal review and approval practice for regulated parties (Facility) that choose to develop and operate an ambient air quality network rather than conduct an ambient air quality modeling demonstration for compliance demonstration purposes. The practices provided should assist staff with planning, language, and developing ambient air quality monitoring requirements.