Air Quality Dispersion Modeling (AQDM) | Forms

Permit applicants required to conduct air dispersion modeling should complete and submit an Air Quality Dispersion Modeling protocol through the Air Modeling e-Service. Through the e-service, applicants will be able to submit all required attachments, including the AQDM-02.

Permit applicants that have received approval of their protocol can then complete an Air Quality Dispersion Modeling report (AQDM-06) and submit hard copies with their air permit application. If an applicant has not received approval of the air dispersion modeling protocol from MPCA air modeling staff via the AQDM-04 form (below), the air permit application will be deemed incomplete and the air dispersion modeling report will not be approved.

Where to submit AQDM forms

Modeling protocol submittals through the Air Modeling e-Service will be automatically submitted to the MPCA for review. After a modeling protocol is approved, applicants are required to submit two paper copies of the completed Air Quality Dispersion Modeling Report form (AQDM-06), and accompanying files to:

  • MPCA, Air Quality Permit Document Coordinator, IND/AQPD
    520 Lafayette Road
    St. Paul, MN 55155-4194

The MPCA strongly encourages applicants to submit an electronic version in addition to the two paper copies. Electronic copies of the forms and accompanying files should be sent to:

Protocol forms

Facility submittal (Air Modeling e-Service)

  • Air Modeling e-Service
    The Air Modeling e-Service is an online modeling protocol form that allows air modeling protocols to be submitted directly into MPCA’s air modeling database.
  • Preparing for an Air Modeling e-Service submittal
    This e-Service help file will let you know what information you’ll need to gather before entering an air modeling e-Service. It will also discuss how facilities can manage and grant access to their data within e-Services.
  • PDF icon Getting started with MPCA e-Services
    These instructions will help first time users of MPCA’s e-Services set up an e-Service account so they can enter Air Dispersion Modeling Protocols.
  • Office spreadsheet icon AQDM-02 Air Quality Dispersion Modeling protocol spreadsheet (aq2-41)
    The AQDM-02 is an Excel workbook that provides tables to input point, volume, and area source parameters for modeling, as well as emission rate calculations. The AQDM-02 spreadsheet form allows for user-developed worksheet tabs to be added within the spreadsheet. These can be used to supplement the required spreadsheet tabs within the AQDM-02. Please complete and attach this form to your e-Service submittal for the Emissions Calculations attachment.

New forms

  • Microsoft Office document icon AQDM-1.5 Protocol Resubmittal Form (aq2-200)
    The AQDM-1.5 is a protocol resubmittal form used to capture changes from an initial e-Service protocol submittal. If changes are needed in order to approve a modeling protocol, the air modeler will request this form to be filled out specifying what changes are being made to the initial submittal. In some instances, if numerous changes are needed, a new e-Service submittal may be requested.
  • Microsoft Office document icon AQDM-11 — SIL Analysis and Results Form (aq2-201)
    This protocol attachment will be required if you’re conducting preliminary analysis (SIL) modeling. The form captures how modeled impacts relate to SIL values. For any SIL exceedances, the radius of impact should also be recorded here. For “SIL-only” modeling demonstrations, the modeling report (AQDM-06) form is still required to be submitted along with your air permit application.

MPCA review

The following forms are used by MPCA air dispersion modeling staff to review protocol form submittals. These are for MPCA internal use only.

Report forms

Facility submittal

MPCA review

The following forms are used by MPCA air dispersion modeling staff to review report form submittals. These are for MPCA internal use only.

Modeling information requests

Equivalent or better dispersion (EBD) forms

Facility submittal

MPCA review

Changes to form names

The names of the Air Quality Dispersion Modeling (AQDM) forms changed in 2013. Each form now has the four letter acronym AQDM, followed by a number, to indicate the different forms. The forms still have the same MPCA document numbers. 

Old form name

New form

MPCA document number

New form
(Protocol Resubmittal Form)

AQDM-1.5 aq2-200

(Air Quality Dispersion Modeling Protocol Spreadsheet)



AQDMP-01 Instructions
(Air Quality Dispersion Modeling Protocol Instructions)



(Air Quality Dispersion Modeling Protocol Approval Notification) (Internal)



(Air Quality Dispersion Modeling Protocol Review Form) (Internal)



(Air Quality Dispersion Modeling Report)



(Air Quality Dispersion Modeling Report Review Form) (Internal)



New Form
(AQDM Equivalent or Better Dispersion Submittal Form for Criteria Pollutant Modeling)
AQDM-08 aq2-62a
New Form
(e-Services AQDM Equivalent or Better Dispersion Submittal Form for Criteria Pollutant Modeling)
AQDM-08 aq2-62b
New Form
(SIL Analysis and Results Form)
AQDM-11 aq2-201
New Form
(Paved Roads Fugitive Dust Results Form)
AQDM-12 aq2-202