2021 NPDES general permit

FeedlotThe current NPDES general permit for feedlots will expire Jan. 31, 2021.

An updated 5-year permit will be effective Feb. 1, 2021, through Jan. 31, 2026.


The MPCA is developing an online permit application system for NPDES and SDS permit coverage; however, it is not expected to be available until late 2020.

Due to the expected significant improvements in efficiency with the online permit application system, the MPCA will not be enforcing the existing requirement to apply by August 4, 2020, and will not be taking applications for coverage under the 2021 general NPDES permit (or the 2015 general SDS permit) until the online application system is available.

Updates on the availability of the online permit application system will be posted to this website.

Draft permit

The public comment period for the draft permit for 2021-26 closed July 23, 2020.

Public information meetings

Following the Minnesota Department of Health’s guidance regarding COVID-19, in lieu of in-person public meetings, Webex meetings were held March 31 and April 2, 2020.

HTML icon Webex: Feedlot General Permit meeting - March 31

Recording of the March 31 informational meeting on the NPDES general permit. (31 min.)