Very small quantity generators

Household hazardous waste facility

Some household hazardous waste programs are licensed to accept hazardous waste from businesses, known as Very Small Quantity Generator (VSQG). These are businesses that generate 220 pounds or 22 gallons or less of hazardous waste per month.

Program managers and operators

Before a household hazardous waste program can accept VSQG waste, the program or facility must obtain a VSQG consolidation license from the MPCA. Contact Teresa Gilberston for information.

Are you a small business that generates hazardous waste?

Are you a business that generates 220 pounds or 22 gallons or less of hazardous waste? If so, you can bring it to a licensed VSQG collection program. This is an inexpensive option for managing your waste properly.

Before your bring your waste to a collection program, you must have a hazardous waste ID and pre-apply to the collection program. Learn more: PDF icon VSQG Collection Program Requirements for Generators.