Solid waste permitting

Permitting efficiency requirements

Changes to Minn. Stat. 116.03, Subd. 2b., enacted on March 4, 2011, set a goal for the MPCA to issue or deny a permit within 150 days of receipt of a complete application. To achieve that goal, the MPCA attempts to review permit requests and notify applicants whether or not their application is complete enough for processing within 30 business days of receipt. If an application is considered incomplete, the MPCA must identify the deficiencies and advise applicants on how to fix them.

Even though an application may be determined to be substantially complete, additional details may be requested to clarify or supplement information provided in the application submittal package. In order for the MPCA to meets its goal of issuing permits within 150 days, your prompt response to all requests is necessary.

For a solid waste permit application to be considered complete, all required forms and checklists must be completed in full according to the instructions provided.

Solid waste permit applications

Submit by mail. All permit applications must be mailed to the MPCA:

Solid Waste Permit Document Coordinator
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
520 Lafayette Road North
St. Paul MN 55155-4194

Forms. There are now three separate application forms based on the type of permit activity.

PDF icon Instructions for completing a solid waste facility permit application (w-sw3-33c)

Permit application for issuance, reissuance, or major modification

To apply for a solid waste facility permit, an applicant must submit one (1) hard copy of the complete application submittal package and a disk with an electronic (PDF) version. The permit application package must begin with the application form and include all applicable checklists and supporting documents. The checklists are listed below. Previously submitted documents CANNOT be referenced; all necessary documents must be included in this package.

Follow the instructions provided on the forms and checklist and thoroughly review all applicable Minnesota Rules, statutes and MPCA guidance documents. If you'd like assistance or have questions about the forms, please contact the MPCA solid waste staff assigned to your region.

Permit application checklists

All solid waste facilities must complete the appropriate checklist:

Checklists for specific waste activities provide final application information requirements for specific facilities/activities. Complete all checklists that relate to your site.

Permit application change of ownership/operator/landowner

When applying for a change in ownership or control of a facility, checklists are not necessary, complete the application form according to the instructions on the form. Include one (1) hard copy of the complete application and a disk with an electronic (PDF) version.

The new owner or operator must submit a revised permit application to the commissioner no later than 90 days before the scheduled change in ownership or control. More information can be found in Minn. R. 7001.0190.

Permit application for minor modification

When applying for a minor permit modification, only applicable checklists are necessary along with the completed the application form. Follow the instructions on the form. Include one (1) hard copy of the complete application submittal package and a disk with an electronic (PDF) version.

Extended permit notification: Solid waste transfer facility or SSOM compost facility

Transfer station and SSOM compost facility extension notifications will not be reviewed for completeness.

Permit-by-Rule (PBR)

Permit-by-rule notifications will not be reviewed for completeness.

Yard Waste Compost Facility Permit-by-rule Notification is now available online. Before going to the e-Services webpage, please review the documents below for assistance. The guidance document outlines what information is required to complete and submit the notification. You will also need to have the Yard Waste Permit-by-rule Local Acknowledgment Form completed before you can submit the notification.

These Permit-by-rule Notifications must still be submitted using paper forms.

Case Specific Beneficial Use Determination (CSBUD) and Demonstration/Research Project (DRP)

General permits

Termination process

If an individual permit, general permit, PBR, CSBUD, or DRP is no longer needed, a notice of termination request must be submitted to the MPCA using the e-Services portal. A solid waste permit may longer be needed if the facility has closed, no longer performs the permitted solid waste activities, or no longer needs coverage under a general permit. If there are any questions, please contact permitting staff assigned to the facility or compliance staff assigned to the region.

Waste tire transporter

Expedited permit program


Engineering staff  
Orten Abad 651-757-2462

Daniel Aamodt


Tony Bello (Southwest region)


Abdi Hassan (Metro region) 651-757-2449
Greg Kvaal (Northeast region) 651-757-2511
Joe Miller 651-757-2767
Lisa Mojsiej (Northwest region) 651-757-2373
Sherri Nachtigal (Southeast region) 507-206-2600
Cliff Shierk (North central region) 651-757-2371


Hydrogeology staff  

Chelsea Delaney


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Alex Short


Eric Porcher 507-206-2648
Laura Pugh 651-757-2313


Compliance staff  

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Jake Brady (Rochester)


Chris Green (Marshall)


Connor Hegrenes (Duluth) 218-302-6628
Scott Parr (St. Paul) 651-757-2638
Aaron Salo (Detroit Lakes) 218-846-8140
Shelly Siewert (St. Paul) 651-757-2723