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Permitted waste facilities, waste utilization projects, and waste haulers in Minnesota must submit regular reports to the MPCA. This includes open and closed landfills, processing facilities, transfer stations, waste incinerators, and recycling and composting facilities. The reports include data on waste received or transported, amounts and types of waste, areas served, tipping fees, personnel training, and more.

Most annual reports are due February 1 for the preceding calendar year, including reports by waste haulers in Greater Minnesota. Composting and recycling facility reports are due March 1. Waste haulers in the Twin Cities metro area report quarterly by February 1 for Q4, May 1 for Q1, August 1 for Q2, and November 1 for Q3.

Permittees and waste haulers report using ReTRAC Connect. Facilities that must report on groundwater, surface water, leachate, or gas monitoring submit the information using EQuIS.

ReTRAC Connect

Permittees and waste haulers submit waste reports using ReTRAC Connect. Each facility has a unique login (email address) and password in ReTRAC. Reporting forms are automatically assigned based on the waste activities at the facility:

  • Land disposal (open and closed)
  • Transfer station
  • Composting
  • Recycling
  • Waste-to-energy
  • Refuse-derived fuel

Update the assigned forms to reflect the current activities at your facility. When they're complete, you'll package the Annual Report Submittal Form in ReTRAC with copies of the completed data entry screens and all supporting information (listed on the General Information form). Please combine all supporting information in to one PDF file. Users will drop their annual report in a MPCA public folder, or a not-public folder, if the report contain proprietary information.

Helpful resources:

Hauler reporting

Waste haulers submitting through ReTRAC have fulfilled their reporting requirements to Minnesota counties.

Form-specific tutorials walk you through each process:

Areas highlighted in pink should be reported as Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD) in ReTRAC Connect.

Areas to be reported in ReTRAC Connect include the townships of: Pequaywan, Alden, Duluth, North Star, Normanna, Lakewood, Gnesen, Fredenberg, Canosia, Grand Lake, Solway, and Midway. Also Duluth, Hermantown, Rice Lake, Proctor, Unorg 53-15, and Unorg 54-13.

Quarterly monitoring reports

Facilities that must report on groundwater, surface water, leachate, or gas monitoring submit the information each quarter using EQuIS.

  • Download the Lab_MN files and supporting documentation from the EQuIS developer (EarthSoft). Use registration code Lab42MinnEq. Materials necessary for submitting solid waste data:
    • EQuIS Data Processor
    • EQuIS Data Deliverable
    • Reference values file
    • Chain of Custody
    • Lab_MN supporting materials file
  • All data submitted in Lab_MN must be e-mailed to MPCA:
  • All monitoring points must have a SYS_LOC_CODE for submit data using EQuIS. Contact MPCA permitting staff to obtain the code.
  • If your report contains proprietary data, submit two copies of your annual report: one that is "not public" containing all data, and a second that is "public" with the proprietary information redacted. Any information submitted in the public version will be available for review. If you only submit one report, it will be considered public.

Quarterly monitoring report due dates

Due dateSampling eventTempo frequencySampling window
June 30Spring monitoringAprilMarch 14 - May 14
September 30Summer monitoringJulyJune 21 - August 7
February 1Fall monitoringOctoberOctober 1 - November 21
April 30Winter monitoringDecemberDecember 1 - January 21


If changes are made to your ReTRAC forms, groundwater data, or other supplemental information, please submit the amended report with the permit number and “Amended” in the title to

Restrictions on disposal of Twin Cities waste

Minnesota rules prohibit the disposal of unprocessed mixed municipal solid waste from the Twin Cities metro area in landfills. Any facility that accepts waste from the seven-county metro area must submit quarterly reports to the MPCA: