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PDF icon Compliance calendar: Dry cleaners (p-sbap5-04)

Dry cleaners can use this calendar to complete a self-audit. (To print this like a calendar, set your print properties to "flip up" the pages.)

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Going beyond compliance

Perchloroethylene (perc) is a commonly used solvent and is highly regulated. You can reduce your perc use by improving operating and maintenance practices, upgrading equipment for greater efficiency, or using alternative cleaning systems.

Reducing perc usage can:

  • save money on perc purchase and disposal
  • reduce employee exposure to perc, a suspected carcinogen
  • provide greater environmental protection by reducing hazardous air pollution
  • reduce regulatory obligations
  • reduce liability
  • attract business from environmentally conscious consumers

Consider these green opportunities:

  • Use leak detectors to locate and repair perc vapor losses and leaks.
  • Monitor equipment efficiency (e.g., pounds of clothes cleaned per drum of solvent) on a regular basis to detect leaks or other problems that may result in loss of solvent.
  • Size garment loads correctly. Overloading may reduce the effectiveness of solvent recovery equipment; under loading makes less efficient use of solvent.
  • Utilize water-based or less hazardous pre-spotters instead of those containing solvents.
  • Provide reusable garment bags instead of plastic bags and encourage customers to return hangers.
  • Have an energy audit conducted to find efficiencies in equipment and lighting.

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