Water quality data

Find and download data from surface water monitoring sites in Minnesota. Where available, you can also view the conditions of lakes, rivers or streams that have been assessed.

The assessments are required under the federal Clean Water Act. They are used to determine whether water bodies meet their intended uses, such as being suitable for fishing or swimming. Learn more about assessments: Impaired Waters and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)/303(d) studies

Data collection and visualization

Data about facilities, sites, and activities that impact water

Water data from other agencies

Glossary of terms

Listed below are words or terms users will come across when viewing water quality data or assessments.

BOD5 Field pH Temperature
Chlorophyll a Field turbidity Total Kjeldahl nitrogen
Conductivity Index of Biological Integrity Total nitrate/nitrite nitrogen
Dissolved oxygen Pheophytin-a Total phosphorus
E. Coli Sample depth Total suspended solids
Ecoregion Secchi depth Transparency
Fecal coliform Specific conductance