Construction and interim permits

Construction short form (CSF) permits authorize construction of animal-holding or manure-storage areas for feedlots with 300 or more animal units. Interim permits are issued to feedlots to address pollution hazards.  A feedlot does not require these permits if it has applied for coverage under a NPDES or SDS permit.

PDF icon Construction Short-Form permit fact sheet

Application materials

Manure management plan forms​

What other permits may be required?

This may not be a complete list of all required permits. Contact the MPCA, your county feedlot officer and local zoning officials for information about other possible requirements, such as setbacks from residential areas, other local zoning regulations, and stormwater pollution prevention controls.

Construction stormwater. All feedlot construction activities that disturb one or more acres must comply with construction stormwater regulations, including the preparation of a stormwater pollution prevention plan. When feedlot construction activity will disturb 5 or more acres, the owner must apply for a construction stormwater permit, unless the feedlot has obtained coverage under a feedlot NPDES permit.

A water use (appropriation) permit from the DNR is required for all users withdrawing more than 10,000 gallons of water per day or 1 million gallons per year.

The Dept. of Agriculture provides a web page with links to individual county feedlot ordinances.

Other forms

Find construction guidance, and location and notification requirements on the Construction, operation, and technical requirements page.