Basin Alliance for the Lower Mississippi in Minnesota (BALMM)

The Basin Alliance for the Lower Mississippi in Minnesota (BALMM) began as a locally led alliance of land and water resource agencies that coordinates efforts to protect and improve water quality in the Lower Mississippi River Basin.

  • BALMM makes water quality restoration and protection in southeast Minnesota a top priority for decision-makers at all levels
  • The group coordinates efforts to protect and restore water quality in southeast Minnesota.

To fulfill those purposes, BALMM emphasizes land use practices to improve or protect water quality, particularly in the areas of watershed management, aquifer protection and floodplain management. The alliance has adopted the following strategies.

  • Perennial vegetation: Increase acreage of well-managed hay and pastureland, vegetative buffer strips, woodlands, etc. This will increase infiltration and reduce surface runoff following rain and snow melt events.
  • Wetland protection and restoration: Work with willing landowners to restore wetland functions in critical parts of the landscape.
  • Soil conservation on row-crop land: Promote conservation tillage, contour farming and install needed structures to keep erosion at or below the replacement rate of soil erosion.
  • Urban and rural-residential land management: Reduce impacts from urban stormwater and wastewater, while managing urban development.
  • Nutrient and pesticide management: Promote optimal use of fertilizer and chemicals to minimize runoff and leaching from farm fields and urban land.
  • Animal feedlot management: Support implementation of state feedlot rules to reduce feedlot runoff and improve manure management.
  • Aggregate mining activities management: Coordinate permitting and environmental review to minimize potential impacts on groundwater and surface water while maintaining local supplies at reasonable cost.



BALMM meets every other month to discuss current issues and plan projects. The MPCA publishes a newsletter, BALMM Currents, to announce the meeting agenda and keep members informed of current events related to water quality.

Upcoming meetings at MPCA's regional office in Rochester (18 Wood Lake Drive SE, 55904):

  • Canceled - April 15

  • June 17

  • Sept. 16

  • Dec. 16



Newsletter: BALMM Currents

An e-mail newsletter for the Basin Alliance for the Lower Mississippi in Minnesota.

Submissions welcome. BALMM would like to highlight your projects and events. For submission guidelines, please contact the MPCA contact.

  • BALMM to meet June 17 on Skype
  • Updates on karst educational tools
  • Next wise steps for engaging people in SE MN
  • Update on the BALMM draft nitrogen memo
  • MPCA study: Lake Pepin close to meeting water-quality standard, more work needed upstream
  • La Crescent area: Most streams meet standards for fish and other aquatic species
  • Proposed new feedlot permit includes new water quality protections from land-applied manure
Published: June 15, 2020

Older issues can be found in the archive.

  • BALMM to meet Feb. 19 at MPCA office in Rochester
  • MPCA to provide overview of Section 319 grant program
  • On the agenda for review: BALMM draft nitrogen memo
  • One Watershed, One Plan panel to share experiences
  • Upcoming events
  • In the news and online

Published: February 13, 2020

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