Hauler reporting

Haulers in Greater Minnesota are required to submit data on MMSW and recyclables annually. Data is due February 1 for the previous calendar year. Haulers in the Metro are required to report quarterly. Data is due February 1 for Q4, May 1 for Q1, August 1 for Q2, and November 1 for Q3 of each calendar year.

Submitting data

Map of WLSSD hauler reporting area

Use ReTRAC to submit your data. Once submitted, haulers will fulfill the reporting requirements to Minnesota counties. The MPCA will share the submitted information to the counties: no need to submit data twice.

If you have questions about how to report into ReTRAC and complete your forms, please watch the following instructional videos. If this is your first time reporting in ReTRAC, start with the Overview and General Information Form video.

If upon watching these videos, you still have questions, Contact Peder Sandhei, 651-757-2688.