Hauler reporting

Haulers are required to submit data on MMSW and/or other recyclables annually. 2016 data are due February 1, 2017.

Submitting data

Use ReTRAC to submit your data. Once submitted, haulers will fulfill the reporting requirements to Minnesota counties. The MPCA will share the submitted information to the counties - no need to submit data twice.

New users

  1. Register for a ReTRAC account (Follow the screen prompts and enter all of the starred fields)
  2. Look for an activation email

New to ReTRAC? Watch this hour-long video on registering, navigating, and reporting using this online tool.

Map of WLSSD hauler reporting areaReporting in ReTRAC

  1. Log into ReTRAC
  2. Click  "Join Programs"
  3. Select Minnesota from the pull-down menu and click "Filter"
  4. Click on "Details" next to MPCA Solid Waste & Recycling Reporting
  5. Click "Join"
  6. Enter organization name and select your organization type (hauler program) from pull-down menu
  7. Follow prompts until done

Reporting changes for 2017 data

For 2016 data, all counties should use the short form in ReTRAC. Beginning in 2017, Metro counties will use the long form.

  • Greater Minnesota Counties use the short form
  • Twin Cities Metro Counties use the long form - monthly data submitted quarterly

Questions? Contact Peder Sandhei, 651-757-2688