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The MPCA's Petroleum Remediation Program investigates and evaluates risks from petroleum tank releases, with the goal of protecting human health and the environment. This page features guidance on petroleum site investigation and remediation, reporting, and more.

Field work notifications

Field work notifications alert the MPCA that work is occurring on a site. The Petroleum Remediation Program requires field work notifications be submitted 48 hours prior to conducting field work at a site with an assigned MPCA Leak Site ID, regardless if the site investigation is open or closed. Field work notifications are submitted through MPCA’s e-Services. If the work schedule changes or is cancelled after notification, submit a field work modification with a revised schedule or a field work notification cancellation. If the change occurs within 24 hours of field work starting, you must also call the site project manager.

MPCA staff will randomly audit field work based on the notifications. They'll compare work reports and the field work notifications to ensure consultants and contractors are submitting the required notifications.

General guidance

Consultants' Day

Consultants' Day events provide guidance on a number of topics to improve environmental investigations and corrective actions at contaminated sites. See the playlist of video presentations from the 2021 event:

Release reporting

Soil excavation and treatment

Site investigation and risk evaluation

Corrective action