Training resources for SSTS administrators

Each local unit of government that administers an SSTS program needs to have at least one person on staff trained in the administrative requirements of the program. The MPCA has created a series of relatively short videos (each is less than 15 minutes) that provides this required training. If you are one of these people, review each of the videos below.

Complete quiz as you view each video

Prior to viewing the videos, print out a copy of the MPCA SSTS Administrative Videos Quiz (link below), which has a few questions for each video segment that highlight information that is especially important to remember for each topic. Keep the quiz handy and answer the questions as you view each video (it is an open-computer test!).

Once you finish a video and answer the quiz questions associated with that video, record the date and write your initials in the box provided in the top right hand corner of the quiz. Keep these completed quizzes in your files.

Companion documents help you follow along, provide additional information

For most of the videos, there is a companion document containing information that will help you follow along with the video by making it easier to see some of the graphs, text, etc. Some also contain additional information such as a fact sheet or other information pertaining to that particular topic. Prior to viewing a video, print out the related companion document and refer to it while watching the video.

If you have questions during the videos, please take notes and contact Aaron Jensen (651-757-2544) for assistance.

Happy viewing!

MPCA SSTS Administrative Training Videos

Please note that these link to YouTube videos and will open in a new browser window.

Video companion documents

Print out and keep for handy reference while watching the videos.