Local governments with SSTS programs submit information to the MPCA each year by February 1 on SSTS permitting and compliance trends for the previous calendar year. The information helps the agency with long-range planning efforts.

Summary of 2021 data

  • 200 local governmental units (LGUs) submitted data for the report, including 86 counties, 77 cities, 33 townships, and 4 other special purpose units of government with permitting authority.
  • Respondents reported a total of 630,087 sub-surface treatment systems across Minnesota, which treat an estimated 43.1 billion gallons of wastewater each year.
  • LGUs issued 12,812 construction permits for 6,026 new systems and 6,786 replacement systems in 2021.
  • Of the permits issued, 96% were for residential dwellings and 3% were for other establishments.
  • LGUs reported 15,876 compliance inspections of existing systems.
  • LGUs estimated that 83% (522,650) of SSTS in Minnesota comply with applicable rules and function properly.
  • SSTS certification and licensing data is included in the 2021 SSTS Annual Report.

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