How to complete your discharge monitoring report (DMR)

Discharge monitoring report (DMR) forms are provided by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) for reporting monitoring results required by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)/State Disposal System (SDS) permit for a wastewater treatment system. These forms are generated directly from the limits and monitoring requirements in the permit. They are generated after the original issuance of a new permit, final reissuance of an existing permit, or modification of a permit which changes the monitoring requirements and/or permittee/facility name or address. They are generated by the Data Specialist  assigned to manage the data for your facility and will be available online within 30 days of a permit action.

eDMRs and Submittal

All Permittees must create an MPCA Online e-Services account and submit a signed authorization agreement prior to the first DMR submittal. The process involves submitting a document signed by the permit owner that designates who is responsible for electronic submittal. The account holder is the submitter and must also sign the document. An email will be sent to the account holder when the authorization is approved by the MPCA. The wastewater operator does not have to be the account holder and is not required to complete the DMRs electronically, however that person is responsible for the operation of the wastewater facility, including sampling, process operation, and DMR calculations. The Permittee may authorize and have multiple online subscribers. We recommend signing up for eDMRs at least 2-3 weeks before you are required to submit a DMR. After you sign up for eDMRs and at least one week prior to submitting your first eDMR, you should verify that the system allows the eDMR submittal. You can do this by logging on to the system, accessing an available eDMR and submitting the form.

To fill out the DMRs properly be sure to have all your daily operations data, necessary recordings (i.e., flows, precipitation), and analytical results. The gray boxes on the DMRs will have the value type and numeric limit if one applies. Quantity and concentration units are to the right of their respective columns for each parameter. Values should always be reported in these units. Values must be recorded above each of these boxes in the blank yellow boxes when there is activity at the monitoring station. If a box contains asterisks, no value is required. The last two columns at the far right of each form are to confirm that sampling is being completed at the same frequency and sample type as required by your NPDES Permit. If it is the same as indicated in the gray portions in each of these two columns, leave as is. If the frequency or sample type is different, the actual frequency or sample type must be indicated in the blank box.

  • If there is No Flow or No Discharge, the field should say, "Yes."
  • If there is flow or a discharge, the field says, "No," and data is reported.
  • The electronic version of the DMR only accepts numeric values and the < >, or decimal symbols.

Sample values

Daily sampling and monitoring data can now be submitted in a downloadable file format. Currently this data is being submitted via a Supplemental Report Form as an attachment to the DMR. New spreadsheets are available for download that will be customized per your facility. Most facilities will be able to enter their daily sampling and monitoring data and at the end of the monitoring period on the “Sample Values” or “Operational” spreadsheets, upload the spreadsheet and it will calculate all or most of the required parameters for your monthly DMRs (some facilities with special requirements will still have to calculate a select few values based on individual permit requirements). You will be required to review and confirm the eDMR calculated values prior to submittal. As with the current eDMR process, you will receive an email that verifies submittal completion.

Attachments to eDMRs

Mercury monitoring reporting

Pond Weekly Observation Form

Release sampling report information

WTP subsurface disposal system weekly observations form

eDMR guidance documents

eDMR Authorization

When are DMRs due?

Accurate, timely reporting is essential in complying with the NPDES permit. DMRs are due by the 21st of the month following the monitoring period (e.g., January's DMR is due February 21).

All other permit-required submittals should be sent to:

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Attention: WQ Submittals Center
520 Lafayette Road North
St. Paul, MN  55155-4194


Video tutorials are available to help you set up a new account and complete and submit sample value spreadsheets and DMRs to the MPCA. 

If you have questions concerning monthly Discharge Monitoring Report forms, contact your assigned Compliance person (see map below) or any of the Data Specialists.

Want to examine your submitted DMR data?

Example of search results from wastewater data browser

The data submitted on DMR forms can now be viewed with the Wastewater Data Browser application. This application is an interactive way to view and download wastewater DMR data for a select area, time, or parameter. Please be aware the values and locations are displayed as to what is reported on the DMR forms. This application is refreshed on a quarterly basis, and is for reference only. Permittees should continue to work with their compliance staff if they have DMR reporting questions.
Select a watershed, parameter, and time period to get started, and navigate between the tabs to view different data themes. The option to download the data displayed on screen is in the lower right corner.  You can still submit an information request or check the MPCA ftp site if the information you are looking for isn’t in this workbook.
If you have questions regarding this application please contact the Data Desk at