Hazardous waste training

Image: Splash screen for presentation: 10+ steps to hazardous waste complianceTen Steps to Hazardous Waste Compliance is an introduction to hazardous waste (HW) management and compliance with Minnesota rules. It is designed for newcomers to the HW field and those who need a refresher. It covers how to evaluate to determine whether a waste is hazardous, handling, storage, transportation, emergency planning, employee training and record keeping requirements for those hazardous wastes.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the MPCA is not conducting in-person classroom trainings.

Online training is readily available to stakeholders, including operators of businesses that generate a hazardous waste, permitted facilities, consultants, and local units of government.

10+ Steps to Hazardous Waste Compliance online

Questions about training? Contact the training coordinator: 651-757-2842.

Course content

Through the training, you will learn about the 10 steps to compliance

  1. Evaluate waste
  2. Determine generator size
  3. Obtain a HWID
  4. Hazardous waste licensing
  5. Accumulate hazardous waste
  6. Treat or dispose of hazardous waste
  7. Manifest shipments of hazardous waste
  8. Emergency planning
  9. Training employees
  10. Record keeping