Hazardous waste training

Ten Steps to Hazardous Waste Compliance


This workshop is beginner-level training designed for operators of businesses that generate a hazardous waste, permitted facilities, consultants, local units of government, and anyone else who may need to understand how to comply with the Minnesota Hazardous Waste Rules.

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Fee: $25

At the training, you will learn about the 10 steps to compliance

  1. Evaluating your waste and determining generator size
  2. How to get an EPA identification number
  3. Licensing (and applicable fees)
  4. Choosing and marking containers
  5. Accumulating and storing hazardous waste
  6. Transport and dispose of hazardous waste
  7. Hazardous waste manifests
  8. Emergency planning
  9. Training employees
  10. Record keeping

Registration contact

Diane Belanger, 651-757-2072
General fax: 651-297-8676
Credit card fax: 651-205-4594

Online training

The online training for the 10 Steps to Hazardous Waste Compliance is being updated and currently unavailable. We'll post it as soon as it becomes available. Classroom workshops are available. See the brochure above for more information.

Contact: Samantha Adams, 218-316-3892