North Fork Crow River, Rice Lake - Excess Nutrients: TMDL Project

Rice Lake is a 1,651 acre lake within the lower region of the North Fork Crow River Watershed District (NFCRWD). The NFCRWD extends over an area of about 350 square miles and encompasses 48 miles of the North Fork Crow River. Land use in the watershed is primarily agricultural. The lake accepts drainage from Pope, Stearns, and Kandiyohi Counties.

Due to the lake being above the state standards for its ecoregion, it is designated as impaired and will be required to meet the state standard of a mean total phosphorus concentration of 0.040 mg/L, a Secchi depth of 1.4 meters, and a chlorophyll-a concentration of 14 ug/L. The goal of this study will be to allocate loads and establish activities which allow the lake reach this goal and be delisted. 

Map and location

Rice Lake is located in the North Fork Crow River watershed, which is part of the Upper Mississippi River basin in central Minnesota.

TMDL report and implementation plan


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