SSTS annual report

Local governments with SSTS programs submit information to the MPCA each year by February 1 on SSTS permitting and compliance trends for the previous calendar year. The information helps the agency with long-range planning efforts.

A summary of 2018 data:

  • 207 local government units submitted annual report data: 86 counties, 78 cities, 39 townships, and four other permitting authorities
  • Respondents report 575,726 septic systems in the state, which treat an estimated 39.4 billion gallons of wastewater
  • Local governments issued 10,311 SSTS construction permits. St. Louis County issued the most at 650.
  • 10,311 septic systems were installed in Minnesota in 2018 — 5,436 replacement systems, 9,981 for homes and 330 for other establishments, 11 with flows of 2,500 to 10,000 gallons per day, and six with flows greater than 5,000 gallons per day.
  • The estimated number of compliant systems has increased from 334,550 in 2007 to 463,500 in 2018

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Past reports

Clean Water Council

The Clean Water Council formed an ad hoc committee in 2011 to discuss SSTS policy and to develop program budget recommendations for the next Clean Water Council Report to the Governor and Legislature.