SSTS annual report

Local governments with SSTS programs submit information to the MPCA each year by February 1 on SSTS permitting and compliance trends for the previous calendar year. The information helps the agency with long-range planning efforts.

Summary of 2020 data

  • Image of cover page of 2020 SSTS Annual Report203 local governmental units (LGUs) submitted data for the report, including 86 counties, 79 cities, 34 townships, and 4 other special purpose units of government with permitting authority.
  • Respondents reported a total of 618,102 sub-surface treatment systems across Minnesota, which treat an estimated 42.3 billion gallons of wastewater each year.
  • LGUs issued 12,368 construction permits for 5,185 new systems and 7,183 replacement systems in 2020.
  • Of the permits issued, 97% were for residential dwellings and 3% were for other establishments.
  • LGUs reported 15,764 compliance inspections of existing systems.
  • LGUs estimated that 81% (505,300) of SSTS in Minnesota comply with applicable rules and function properly.
  • SSTS certification and licensing data is included in the 2020 SSTS Annual Report.

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Past reports

Clean Water Council

The Clean Water Council formed an ad hoc committee in 2011 to discuss SSTS policy and to develop program budget recommendations for the next Clean Water Council Report to the Governor and Legislature.