State Superfund site summaries

Barrels containing toxic materials that have been illegally dumpedThe state Superfund sites in Minnesota are listed on the Minnesota Permanent List of Priorities (PLP). The hazardous waste sites on the PLP are in various stages of remediation. At these sites investigation and cleanup are needed, cleanup is underway, or cleanup has been completed and long-term monitoring or maintenance continues.

PDF icon Permanent List of Priorities (PLP) Request for Approval (c-s1-08a)

PDF icon Approval of site listings and delistings on the state Permanent List of Priorities (c-s1-08b)

Information about Superfund/PLP sites is available in the MPCA's files. To request more information about sites in the Minnesota Superfund program, contact Crague Biglow, 651-757-2229.

Site-specific information

No Swimming Allowed - contaminated with toxic chemicalsThe MPCA has prepared the following fact sheets on some sites included on the state Superfund list (the Permanent List of Priorities or PLP):

More information

See the U.S. EPA's list of Superfund sites: HTML icon National Priorities List (U.S. EPA)