Grant round is closed. Applications were due Feb. 21, 2019

Vapor recovery grant Q&A

Applicants with questions regarding this RFP must email questions to, subject line: “Vapor Recovery Grant Question.”

Questions and answers will be posted here frequently during the application period.

Q1: Is my project eligible?
A1: Any project that includes installing a new or repairing an existing Stage 1 vapor recovery system on an underground storage tank (UST) containing gasoline will be considered, as long as the applicant is eligible.

Q2: Am I still eligible for a grant if I have received a previous grant?
A2: Yes, you remain eligible. However, if the MPCA has previously funded a similar project, the applicant should clearly show how the new project differs from that of the previously MPCA-funded project(s).

Q3: The RFP states that a business that has under 500 employees is eligible- does that include all of our facilities?
A3: In order to be eligible you must be either:

  • A for-profit business with under 500 employees, which includes all facilities, operations, parent companies, etc. If a business is independently owned and operated (such as a franchise), only count the number of employees under that independently owned and operated operation.
  • A governmental entity, educational institution, or non-profit organization with any number of employees.

Q4: May the required match be in-kind instead of cash?
A4: Matching funds may only be cash.

Q5: May other sources of funds be used for the match?
A5: If the applicant has secured other grant funding that may also be used for the applicant’s match funding. Additionally, some projects may exceed the maximum award amount available. The MPCA encourages these projects to consider the low-interest Small Business Loan program ( This program is available year-round.

Q6: Do applicants need to go through a procurement process to come up with project costs?
A6: Applicants are required to submit a quote from a vendor along with their application. Keep in mind that projects are scored and evaluated based on the grant dollars requested and the emissions reductions the project will produce. Once grants are awarded, if they are between $10,000 and $24,000 they must be competitively awarded based on a minimum of two (2) verbal quotes or bids or awarded to a targeted vendor.

Q7: How do I calculate my emissions?
A7: MPCA staff will calculate emissions reduction and cost effectiveness based on the information provided in your application, using this calculator: Office spreadsheet icon Stage 1 vapor recovery emission reduction calculator (p-sbap5-38)

Q8: Does the organization size part of the “Application evaluation score sheet” apply to all eligible entities or just to a business?
A8: This scoring criteria applies to all eligible entities. For example, a business of 250 and a municipality of 250 will receive the same score.

Q9: Does everyone who applies for this grant need to submit the “Affidavit of Non-collusion” with the application materials?
A9: Yes. If this is not provided, MPCA staff will contact the applicant to supply this. If the applicant does not supply this the application will be deemed ineligible.

Q10: What UST fuels are eligible for this grant?
A10: USTs containing any type of gasoline are eligible projects.

Q11. Are vapor recovery systems required?
A11. This grant funding is available to assist facilities in meeting or exceeding requirements. All retail locations selling gasoline in the Twin Cities 7-county metro area are required to have a functioning vapor recovery system. A federal rule requires stage 1 vapor recovery on systems with monthly throughput exceeding 100,000 gallons of gasoline.

Q12: Our business is located in south Saint Paul MN; we are a truck stop with 4 underground tanks. We sell both gasoline and diesel. Our majority sale percentage is of diesel fuel. Will we be eligible to apply for this state grant?
A12: All underground storage tanks containing gasoline are eligible for this RFP, given that the applicant meets the eligible applicant requirements.

Q13: If I am replacing a tank top spiller on a single point vapor recovery system, will that work be covered under the stage one vapor recovery grant?
A13 (revised): Eligible repair projects must consist of necessary repairs to make an existing vapor recovery system operational.

Q14: I have a customer that is removing existing underground tanks without vapor recovery and installing new gas tanks with Vapor Recovery on them. Would the vapor recovery portion of this project be eligible for the grant?
A14: Yes, the new installation of a vapor recovery system portion on a new tank would be eligible.

Q15: Do I need to include a quote with my application?
A15: Applicants must submit quotes for equipment and installation costs as part of the application package.