Revisor ID: R-04556

Through this proposed Construction and Demolition Debris (C&D) Landfill rulemaking, MPCA plans to amend existing Minnesota Rules governing permits and solid waste landfills (chapters 7001 and 7035).

The goal is to update these rules by incorporating lessons learned about the potential for groundwater impacts of unlined C&D landfills. MPCA monitoring has found pollutants in groundwater around unlined C&D landfills at levels which exceed standards to protect human health and the environment. MPCA presently has no draft language.

Rule advisory panel

Members of the rule advisory panel will focus on the end-of-life management of C&D material. The panel will advise the agency on potential content of the new C&D Rule.

Stay connected

The rule advisory panel will meet periodically when we have draft rule concepts to share. Sign up for email updates about future meetings.

Scope and role

Discuss and advise MPCA on topics directly related to C&D landfills, such as landfill design and operation, prevention aspects, and water quality. The panel is not limited to these topics. This group will:

  • Advise. The role of the panel is to advise the MPCA.
  • Represent stakeholders. Each member represents an interest group in one way or another. We encourage panel members to maintain communication with others who share their interests.
  • Collaborate. The goal is to have the different representatives sharing ideas for the new rule, working with one another, and helping develop comprehensive requirements for a new rule.
  • Build consensus. Our goal is to achieve consensus on as many issues as possible. On issues where consensus cannot be achieved, the MPCA will use the information gained as advice in developing the appropriate part of the new rule.


Members were selected based on expertise, ability to communicate within their sector, geographic area, ability to work on a team, ability to attend meetings and allocate time to the effort.

Representation includes:

  • Private demolition landfill owner/operator
  • Public demolition landfill owner/operator
  • Environmental consultants
  • Environmental groups
  • Residents
  • Research/university/technology


  • Thomas Adams, Better Futures Minnesota
  • Josh Holte, Hubbard County Solid Waste
  • Carrie Jennings, Freshwater
  • Terry Johnson, Waste Management
  • Bill Keegan, Dem-Con Companies
  • Evan Mackey, Bolander
  • Chris McConn, Otter Tail and Wadena Counties
  • Terry Muller, Dakota County Environmental Resources Department
  • Melanie Niday, SEH
  • Ryan O'Gara, SKB Environmental
  • Daniel Riggs, Carlson McCain Inc.
  • Roger Schroeder, Lyon County Environmental Department
  • Tom Shustarich, Wenck Associates
  • Jon Steiner, Polk County
  • Marvin Stroschein, Crow Wing County Landfill, Inc.
  • Kathleen Winters, Minnesota resident