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Minnesota is implementing PFAS use prohibitions and reporting requirements. Most of these regulations are part of Amara’s Law, which takes effect in stages between January 1, 2025, and January 1, 2032, when sales of products containing intentionally added PFAS will be prohibited in Minnesota, except for those determined to involve currently unavoidable uses of PFAS.

Implementation details for three parts of Amara’s Law will be developed through rulemaking. The rulemaking process allows for active participation by residents, community organizations, and industry to ensure the law protects human health and the environment while providing the private sector with the clarity needed to operate businesses.

The three individual rulemaking pages provide additional information regarding these issues, public feedback opportunities, and tentative schedules. 

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Another new Minnesota law assigns the state’s Department of Agriculture (MDA) to implement a similar program specific to PFAS intentionally added to pesticides, fertilizers, soil amendments, plant amendments, agricultural liming materials, or similar materials. Visit the MDA web site for more information and who to contact about PFAS in agricultural products.